Monday, September 5, 2011

More Cameron Data From Alcona County, Michigan

Deaths listed in the Alcona County, Michigan, Genealogical Society website (additional information here):

1887   Cameron, John   Mikado*
1891   Cameron, David   Harrisville
1897   Cameron, Roderick   Mikado**
1901  Cameron, Jennette, Mikado
[Father: John Alex Cameron, b. Lancaster Co., Ontario; Mother: H.  MacDonell, b. Glengarry Co., Ontario]
1901  Cameron, John Alex  Mikado, b. Michigan
[Father: John Cameron, b. Glengarry; Mother: Jeannette MacDonald/MacDonnell, b. Glengarry]
1903  Cameron, Joseph William  Mikado
[Father: A.J. Cameron, b. Glengarry, Ontario; Mother: Jane Coughlin, b. Grey Co., Ontario]
1904  Cameron, James   Mikado
[Father: Angus J. Cameron; Mother: Jane Coughlin]
1905  Cameron, Baby ----
[Father: Dan Cameron; Mother: Mary Parks]
1906  Cameron, Angus  Mikado***
1950  Cameron, Joseph Allen  Alcona****
1954  Cameron, Donald  Mikado*****

*Died at age 63; May 22, 1887; Father John, b. Ontario, Mother: Mary

 **Died age 31, Oct. 2, 1897, Father: John, Mother: Jennette  Book 1, Page 29 [Mother's name given as Janet MacDougall on the State of MI death record] Buried in the Harrisville Catholic Cemetery

*** Died age 69, Father: John, b. Scotland; Mother: Mary McDonald, b. Canada

****Died at age 73 on February 15, 1950; b. Smith Creek, St. Clair Co., Michigan; Father: Charles Cameron, Mother: Emma Laturneau, Book 1, Page 183, Reg. 5334-971

*****Died at age 83; retired carpenter; Father: John Cameron, Mother: Jenette McDonald, Book 1, Page 193  Registration #1154-14, born in Canada

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