Friday, June 14, 2013

Death Record Of Archie Cameron

A death record for Archie (Archibald Douglas Cameron) from the Genealogical Record Provided by the Flint Genealogical Society:

Sex: Male
Color:  White
Birthdate: (Blank)
Death Date: 6/14/1919
Where Died:  Flint City, County Genesee
Doc_Book:  1919  2NQT  Doc Page: 13  Doc Record: 406  Doc Cert: FC
Book: V5   Page 048   Record: 406   Line No: 11
Age Death:  70 Y 4M
Occupation: Laborer
Mother: Nancy MacMillan
Cause of Death:  Head Exhaustion
Filed: 7/16/1919

Added information from Archie Cameron's death record online at Seeking Michigan (where his name is incorrectly spelled Camaron):

Archie died at Hurley Hospital
His residence was 242 Lakeview Ave. in the 6th Ward (Of Flint, Genesee County, Michigan)
He was married; his wife's name was Mary A. Camaron [sic]
Archie's DOB was February 14, 1849
Age: 70 years, 4 Months
The physician attended him from June 13 to June 14, 1919 and that he was last seen alive on June 14, 1919; he died at 6:35 A.M.
He was a Laborer
Name of Employer:  Golf Links
Birthplace:  Canada
Name of Father: Archie Cameron
Birthplace of Father:  Not Known
Maiden Name of Mother:  Nancy MacMillan
Birthplace of Mother: Not Known
Informant:  Mrs. Mary Ann Camaron, 242 Lakeview Ave.
Place of Burial: Sterling, Mich.
Undertaker: W. H. Loss, #I459

Here's a border crossing record of Archibald D. Cameron.

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