Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Martha Ann Cameron's Widow's Petition

Found in Microfilm # 857998 (British) (Certificates of birth, baptisms, marriage and death, : with wills, administrations, statements of services and personal papers of officers and their families...alphabetically arranged, 1776-1881, plus eight bundles of similar certificates, 1755-1908. (W.O. 42/1-51)
Author: Great Britain. War Office)

Names of children listed (truncated)
....Amelia, Maria, Mary, Alex,....

Halifax, Nova Scotia
March 31st, 1828

My Lord,

I have the honor to transmit herewith the Memorial and several corroborant documents of Martha Ann Cameron, widow of the late Lieutenant Archibald Cameron of the King's Carolina Rangers, who died here on the 3rd instant on Half-Pay of that Corps.--

Mrs. Cameron solicits the Pension of the Widows of Officers of her deceased husband's rank, and an allowance from the Compassionate List for her seven orphan children.--She is a woman of very respectable character and is left in circumstances of such pecuniary distress.--It appears by the enclosures that they are sufficient to establish the validity of her marriage in this Province,--that her husband served three years as a commissioned officer on Full Pay,--that he was placed upon Half Pay by reduction,__ and that he died subsequently to the 24th June 1806;__.  I trust therefore they may be deemed sufficient to induce your Lordship to accede to her application.--

I have the honor to be My Lord Your Lordship's Most Obedient Humble Servant,
James ____

The Right Honorable The Secretary at War

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