Sunday, June 9, 2013

Relatives Of The Clement Family

Ellen (Johnston) Carpenter was the daughter of Anna Cameron and John Johnston.  Ellen's daughter, Lorraine Carpenter, married Hugh McLeod Clement in September, 1925, in Genesee County, Michigan.  Lorraine and Hugh had two sons, Bruce and Harvey.

The Clements were known among Canadian Loyalists in years past.  Hugh M. Clement was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, to James Harvey Clement (1873-1919) and Marie Coulson in 1904.  James was the son of James and Martha (Willson) Clement.  A bit of James and Martha Clement's history was recorded in a biography* of Mazo de la Roche because of her (Mazo's) relationship with their daughter, Caroline Clement (sister of James Harvey Clement).

 *"She [biographer Heather Kirk] casts Caroline in a dark light: 'Exiled from her extended and immediate families, Clement was an outsider who wanted in. Humiliated by the failures of her father and brother, she was a low-life who wanted up. Like her mother, she was an invisible partner. Like her father, she was an audacious entrepreneur. Caroline Clement was the ingenious person who developed and maintained an amazing writing machine that got her what she wanted.'” [Source]

Hugh and Lorraine (Carpenter) Clement, with sons Bruce and Harvey, were living in Ohio in 1940.  Perhaps Hugh did not reach adulthood unscathed either since his death in 1946 was a suicide.

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