Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Duncan Cameron, Son Of Captain Donald Cameron, Request For An Allowance

No. 1

Form of Affidavit to be made by a person receiving an Allowance on the Compassionate List, and competent to take an Oath.

No. Duncan Cameron, the legitimate son of the deceased Capt. Donald Cameron late of the Canadian Fencibles came this day before me, and made Oath, that he is the Person entitled to receive an Allowance of L 7, on the Compassionate List of the Year 1824, and has no other Allowance, Pension, or Provision from Government; that he is 18 Years of Age*. and is not married. [When the Person making the Affidavit is  Male, the words in Italics are to be struck out.]

Sworn before me, John Ma___, J.P.
at Point Fortune, in Hawkesbury, Eastern Division
this 29th day of October 1824

Duncan Cameron [Signature of the Person who makes Oath]
Carrillon in Argenteuil, Lower Canada [Residence]

Acting for the Ottawa District in the Province of Upper Canada [The Magistrate to state the County or place for which he acts]

Form of Authority to be given when the Person on the Compassionate List desires that the Allowance may be received by another Person for his or her use.

I request that my Allowance of seven pounds.... as an Officer's son may be paid to Mr. Arch'd Campbell of Regent street - London [Here mention the Name and Residence of the Person authorized to receive it]

[Signed]  Duncan Cameron [The claimant to sign here]

I do attest and declare, that I believe the above Affidavit to be genuine and authentic:  Arch Cambell [The person authorised to receive the Allowance to sign here]

Found in Microfilm # 857998 (British) (Certificates of birth, baptisms, marriage and death, : with wills, administrations, statements of services and personal papers of officers and their families...alphabetically arranged, 1776-1881, plus eight bundles of similar certificates, 1755-1908. (W.O. 42/1-51)
Author: Great Britain. War Office)

Note:  There was an Archibald Campbell of Regent Street mentioned on this website (don't know if it was the same person to whom the 7 pounds was transferred):
...A few minutes after my arrival there my old friend Mr. Archd. Campbell the Army Agent....
...at Mr. Archd. Campbell's office in Regent Street...

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