Saturday, March 18, 2017

Relationship Of Florence Cameron To Isabella Cameron Through The Morins

Florence Cameron was the daughter of
Mary Ann Cameron and Archibald Douglas Cameron
daughter of Richard P. Cameron and Nancy Cameron
daughter of Allan Cameron and Ann MacMillan

Florence Cameron was the daughter of
Archibald Douglas Cameron and Mary Ann Cameron
son of Archibald Cameron and Nancy MacMillan
son of Donald Cameron and Mary MacMillan

Isabella Cameron was the daughter of
Donald Cameron and Ann Quigley
son of Alexander Cameron and Ann McMillan
son of Paul Cameron and Isabella Cameron
son of John Cameron and Marjorie Cameron

*Florence Cameron married John Moffatt who was the son of Emily Morin and John Moffatt.  Emily was the daughter of Antoine Morin and Emily Payement Lariviere.

Isabella Cameron married Georges Morin who was the son of Phillip and Sarah (Summers) Morin.  Philip was the son of Antoine and Emily Morin (and the brother of Emily Morin Moffatt).

*Florence was my the 1st cousin of my grandmother, Beatrice (Cameron) Powers

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