Saturday, March 18, 2017

Remembering Laura's Journey

Laura Ellen Powers was born on March 18, 1962.  It was a brisk and windy day, perfect for flying a kite, which is what I was doing when she was brought home from the hospital.

5325 Worcester Drive, Swartz Creek, Michigan
Me, not flying a kite

The Powers family moved to an old farmhouse in Davison, Michigan, about 1966.  We had outgrown the little house in Swartz Creek, so that was sold and we rented from Dad's employer, the IMA.  We had lots of elbow room since ours was the only house on the east side of the road.

Dad In Dining Room
House On Baxter Road
Davison, Michigan

See Baxter Road  On This Map

Laura was a handful and needed specialized care, so she was eventually moved to the institution pictured below, which was about 10 miles from the house, when she was a pre-teen.

*Source (Michigan Home and Training School in Lapeer)
*My sister, Laura Ellen Powers, lived there from about 1974...until she was moved to a facility in Mt. Pleasant when the Lapeer Home closing was imminent.  

Google Maps

Laura lived in a group home in Shepherd, Michigan (near Mt. Pleasant) until her death on 18 June 2004.  A tree was planted in her memory there.

Today would have been Laura's 55th birthday.

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